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2015 Bee Orders are in the works!
Jack is talking to his suppliers and working on prices for this coming year's package
bees.  Check back here, and on his facebook page - Alaska Bee Wrangler
note: New phone number for Jack 907-312-4910

It's not to early to get on Jack's list for package bees for the coming season

Package Bees for Two Locations:
Alaska (including Faribanks area and Southeastern Alaska)
and Southwest Portland Oregon
(Tigard area)

Drop off bee boxes info: Boxes
Package Bees ~ Honey ~ Bee Products ~ Bee Supplies
We offer a variety of beekeeping supplies!
Check out our
Supply Page
Pure Alaska Honey in the Making
Bees capping nectar to make honey
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Remember to look for our honey
and bee products at the Alaska State Fair in August!
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